5 Tips On How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For A Removal Process

If you're moving, it goes without saying that your car has to follow you to your destination as well. In the same way your furniture needs to be prepared for the removal, your car too needs a bit of preparation before you can have it transported to another state or shipped abroad. Below, find out about a few things that you should do as you get ready to have your removalist take your car to your new home.

Have the car cleaned

Having your car cleaned, especially on the inside, ensures that your car is in a decent condition when you get it on the other side. If your car is dirty before the removal process, it will be in an even worse condition by the time you receive it. Just think of the several days it will be in transit. Besides, delays can happen; your car might be delayed at customs, in storage or you might be late to pick it up. A simple trip to the car wash will ensure your car is fresh when you get it on the other end.

Record the condition of the car

A little precaution never hurts as well. Although your removalist will take the best care possible when handling your car, remember that accidents can happen. Record the condition of your car, either via a few photos or a quick video. This will ensure that you are able to tell if your car has a few dings or scratches that were not there when you have it delivered to you.

Take any valuables out of the car

Sweep the car and remove any valuables that you may have stored inside. This includes items like your laptop, camera, money, documents, etc. Doing so has two benefits. One, it ensures that these items remain under your care. Two, you may need these things once your car is on the move. Taking them out of the car beforehand ensures that you do not forget to do so later on.

Get valid insurance covers for the transit period

Get a valid insurance cover for your vehicle, if expired. Your removalist may need to drive the car into or out of storage during the removal process. If your car doesn't have an up-to-date insurance cover, handling the car will be dangerous for you, anyone using the vehicle and anyone nearby; again, remember that accidents can happen at any time. Also make sure to get transit insurance for the vehicle, either from your removalist or from an insurance company.

Provide a copy of the car key to the removalist

Again, to ensure that your removalist is able to do their job fully, provide them with a copy of the car key before leaving or when the car is collected. This will ensure that your removalist is able to operate the car when loading it into the trailer, when unloading, when putting it into storage, etc.

Remember that you can also have your car put into storage if you so wish. This is handy if you need to settle in first or if you'll not be relocating immediately.