How to Use Self-Storage for Online Used Clothing Businesses

When you first got started in the used clothing business, you probably started small, using well-known auction sites or social media. Over time, as your business grew, you may have found yourself with an increasing amount of inventory. Though you can just toss that inventory into storage-safe boxes with labels and tags to make it easier to find, this may not be the best use of a self-storage unit for your specific needs. Here are some ways you can use your storage unit for your online used clothing business to help the business thrive.

Set Up a Studio

One of the ways that many online-based used clothing businesses are able to get more customers is by creating a look book. These look books are either photos or a small video of different outfits being modeled. The outfits are then listed piece by piece in the store description. You can create a studio in your storage unit using some simple photography lighting, a backdrop, and a model for the clothes. Take your pictures and then house the completed outfits in ready-to-ship boxes. When they are ordered, simply go into the unit and grab the box for shipment.

Shipment Station

If you have a large number of outfits, hanging them may be the first option. The problem with this is that you may not have the space in your unit. Instead, you can pack boxes as ready-to-ship options. Place a picture of the outfit on the outside of the box and seal the box with a few silica packs to absorb any moisture from humidity. As previously mentioned in the studio method, just grab the box when it sells and add the shipping information. This helps you stay organized and makes shipping faster for your customers.

Clearance Storefront

Though most self-storage businesses will not allow you to use your unit as an on-going storefront, you can do one-day sales in most cases. You can set up the inventory you want to get rid of quickly to make room for new inventory by advertising on local social media sites. Open your unit for a one-day sale and allow local customers to come look at the items and buy them on the spot. This clears out your inventory and it allows you to get new customers who may not have heard of your business before.

Remember, that each of these methods allows you to expand to new customers through social media and even face-to-face contact. Take that chance to push future sales of your items and to get reviews of your business and your clothing. This will increase your business, and maybe you will even have to look at stepping up to a larger unit as your business grows.