When You Can’t Store Your Firearms at Home: 3 Easy Storage Alternatives

If you own firearms, you will be familiar with the need to store them safely and securely, in a fashion and location that makes them inaccessible to children or thieves. Indeed, they should be inaccessible to anyone who doesn't have the key or combination for the lock. There might be instances when your home's storage facilities are no longer compliant with the minimum legal requirements for the storage of firearms, which vary depending on your state or territory. It might be that you have moved to a new home, or that renovation work in your existing home renders your firearms storage room unusable. Obviously, it's not as though you can simply leave your firearms in an unsecured location in your home. So what are some viable alternative options for secure storage?

Gun Club or Gun Shop

Are you a member of your local gun club? Check with the armourer for the club to find out whether they are permitted to store weapons on your behalf. Expect to pay a fee for this service. You will probably only be able to access the weapons during the club's hours of operations, and yet this is not an issue if you primarily use your weapons onsite. Some gun shops also offer storage facilities for a fee. Again, you can only access your weapons during the shop's operating hours.

Friend or Family Member

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who also owns firearms and has the appropriate storage facilities. It might be possible to store the weapons at their home, provided their firearms licence permits them to store weapons of the category that yours are. Depending on how long they will be storing your weapons, you might need to update your details on your state's firearms registry to list the actual location of the weapons.

Storage Unit With Specialist Facilities

Some storage units offer gun safes that are compliant with the applicable regulations. This is obviously more secure than merely storing the firearms in a standard storage unit (which is not permitted anyway), and you should ask your local storage facility if they offer such a service. These gun safes are generally monitored by video for added safety. Opt for a facility with 24 hour access so that you're not limited to the storage facility's hours of operation when accessing your firearms.

So if your home is an unsuitable storage location for whatever reason, check out the above options to find safe, secure and legally compliant storage for your firearms.