The Benefits Of Seeking Storage Services From A Removalist As You Move

Storage services are vital when moving your home or office. In most cases, you will need to move items in storage or declutter the new premises. Unknown to most people, removalists do provide storage services to their clients as they move. This extract explains the benefits of sourcing removal services from your removalist instead of engaging third-party service providers. 

Customised Storage Services 

One of the benefits of working with your removalist is that they can offer customised storage services. For example, if you need to declutter your home before moving, the removalist can take away what you've already packed. Or, they could advise you on storing certain high-value items. If you want to conduct a self-move using a portable storage container, ask your removalist about packing and loading your items to prevent damage during transport. Conversely, if you require a storage unit at your new address, the removalist can offer a suitable unit. 


Your removalist will ensure convenience as you move. Once you ask for storage services, they will adjust the removal plan to incorporate storage while you are between residences. For example, items to be taken into storage could be packed separately. Additionally, the removalist can take your items to a storage unit if your new home is not ready for you to move into yet. The removalist will provide a suitable unit and pack your items if you require onsite storage at your new home or office. 


Working with a removalist is cheaper compared to hiring a third party to provide storage services. You won't need to worry about packing and unpacking all your boxes out of storage facilities. Typically, the removalist understands your storage needs after the home inspection. As such, they will ensure that the unit you use is ideal for your needs. If you opt to use a third-party service, they may not be in a position to recommend a unit size, as they may not know what you want to store. Your removalists, on the other hand, will have seen your belongings and know how much space you need. Furthermore, the removalist will offer complementary services such as consultation, transport and arranging the unit. Finally, the removalist may even give a significant discount since you will be using their removal services. 

Removalists offer customised, convenient and affordable storage services. As a rule, always vet the professional to ensure they have the experience, accreditation and licencing needed to provide the service.