Self Storage Facilities for Businesses: 3 Tips & Tricks for Storing Important Documents and Records

For tax purposes, businesses in Australia must keep employee and contractor records in either paper or electronic format for a minimum of 5 years. To conserve space, consider organizing and storing all of the records in self-storage facilities where they can be easily accessed at a moment's notice. Here are 3 tips and tricks to follow to protect the records.

Store All Paperwork in Locked and Airtight Containers

You need to protect all paperwork and records from not only environmental damage but also from burglars and thieves, as the records contain private and confidential information that can lead to identity theft. Store all paperwork in locked containers. If the records are kept in an electronic format, consider encrypting all files.

Also, airtight containers will prevent humid climates from destroying both paper documents and electronic devices. You should consider making several copies that are stored separately for added protection.

Raise Packed Boxes Off the Ground with Wooden or Plastic Pallets

In the event that plumbing of the self-storage facilities burst and flooding ensues, making sure that all of the packed boxes and containers are kept off of the ground with wooden or plastic pallets can be quite beneficial. Raised pallets prevent mildew and water damage, and can also prevent pests from getting into the containers as well.

If you can't find any wooden pallets around, you can simply use any wooden planks or other materials that you have lying around.  

Find Self-storage Facilities with Climate Control Features

Paper documents, in particular, can be easily destroyed by humidity. Self-storage facilities that do not possess climate control features cannot maintain a steady climate. As a result, the fluctuating humidity levels tend to cause moisture to cling onto the inner walls and floors. The humidity in the air may even seep into the documents and cause them to deteriorate in a quicker manner.

Self-storage facilities with climate control features control not only humidity levels within the unit, but also the overall temperature. You should aim to keep the self-storage units at a temperature between 13 and 19 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity between 45 and 60%.

Make sure that the self-storage facilities are well protected and have sufficient security systems installed to protect your records and documents from getting stolen. Self-storage facilities can be a great asset to your business by keeping important documents in a protected environment and by freeing up valuable space in your office or retail establishment. For a better idea of your options contact storage facilities like Surfers Paradise Self Storage.