3 Interesting Uses for Self-Storage Units

A self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone, and for some very surprising reasons. These units can actually help you to get organized in the home and to keep certain items securely away from family and especially children. If you've never thought about having a self-storage unit at your disposal, you might want to think about some uses they might offer you.

1. As a workspace

If you're a contractor, you may not have room in your garage to work on things you're repairing or building, and a self-storage unit can actually function as a separate workspace. Since many have a simple cement floor and metal walls, you don't need to worry about dripping grease or other fluids on the floor.

A self-storage unit can often accommodate a workbench, and many come with electrical outlets for your tools. On sunny days you can even keep the door open for added comfort. You can also utilise this space if you need to work on your own car or boat motor, so you can easily spread out the parts and everything else involved and not worry about anything getting lost.

Using a self-storage unit as a workspace can also mean safely storing tools. You may not want to keep sharp tools, flammable liquids, and items like these in your own garage. Even painters may not want to keep anything with fumes in their own home, so storing all these in a self-storage unit can ensure they're protected while keeping your own family safe as well.

2. For added security

While many self-storage units are simple and somewhat industrial, many also offer high-tech features that you may be missing in your own home, and which can keep items more secure. For example, they may have 24-hour video monitoring and a security guard on staff after hours. If you have an expensive sports car, boat, trailer, or other item that you're concerned about storing in your own garage or keeping outside under a carport where it's not secure at all, a self-storage unit can be a good solution.

3. Making a move easier

When you're ready to move, you might rent a self-storage unit and start packing up unused items right away, and then storing them until you're settled in your new home. This keeps you from having to trip over boxes while waiting for moving day, and can also help you to get organised. You can take your time to go through your items, toss out or donate what you don't want to take with you, and then store other boxes and containers for as long as needed to make your move easier on you overall.

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