Storage: Tips to Putting Away Furniture for the Long Term

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Whether it is antiques that have been passed down your family or furniture pieces that you are keeping for your children when they move out, it is easy to end up accumulating a significant amount of clutter in your home. Nevertheless, since these belongings are valuable and meaningful to you, throwing them out or selling them may not be a viable option for you. Luckily, self-storage gives you the flexibility to hold on to your items while eliminating the clutter in your residence. It should be noted though that putting your furniture items into storage is not simply about cramming them into a unit and forgetting about them. There are a number of things to keep in mind so that your items stay in pristine condition for the duration that they will be in storage. Below are some of the tips that you could employ when putting your furniture away for the long term. Tip 1: Clean the furniture beforehand Prior to putting your furniture into storage, it is crucial to ensure that they have bee cleaned thoroughly using the appropriate techniques. Once the cleaning process is complete, the furniture items should be placed in a well-ventilated area so that all the moisture is eliminated. Furniture items that contain wood should then be polished and sealed to give them an additional layer of protection. Conversely, furniture items that have metallic components should be oiled down once they are dry to prevent the risk of corrosion. Keep in mind that if you put your items into storage when they are dirty, they will be susceptible to permanent staining, especially items that upholstery. Tip 2: Disassemble the various pieces It may seem easier to put your furniture items into storage when they are fully assembled. However, the truth is that this will make it difficult for you to make the most of the space that is available to you in the storage unit. You may even find yourself having to ease extra storage if your items cannot fit. Rather than risk this, it would be more economical to take the time to disassemble the furniture pieces. Some of the measures you can take would include the removal of legs from freestanding furniture items, removal off drawers, removal of cushioning and more. Once you have disassembled the furniture pieces, wrap them up and package them in individual boxes. You should then label them correctly for easy locating and assembling at a later...

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5 Reasons You Need a Storage Shed

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Storage is a common problem for homeowners, and the number of possible storage solutions available can seem overwhelming. Space is a valuable commodity, which can make creating more storage within the home an expensive, and inconvenient, endeavour. However, for many people there is a simple solution to their storage woes: storage sheds. Here are five reasons why storage sheds should be an option considered by any homeowner looking to increase the storage space they have available:  1. Affordability Price is often a main factor for those looking for additional storage solutions. Available in a range of different prices, storage sheds offer the perfect answer to the need for more storage space, no matter the budget.  2. Versatility The amount of space available outside a home is as unique as the homeowner living inside it, making outdoor space a critical factor for the homeowner looking for external storage solutions. Similarly, the capacity of the storage choices available are a deciding factor for the person looking for a solution appropriate to their needs. Due to their availability in a range of sizes, from tub-sized bucket containers to walk-in units, storage sheds provide a versatile solution to storage needs, irrespective of the space available or the space needed.  3. Organisation Storage sheds can offer more than just simple storage space, with many ways to customise units to make them work for an owner’s specific needs. Whether it is by fitting shelves, built in storage or work units, storage sheds offer the ideal, organised solution to any storage need.  4. Convenience Storage sheds provide a convenient solution to any storage needs due to the ease of installation and portability they provide. By choosing a storage shed it is possible to bypass a lot of the stress and mess associated with adding storage space to a home, whilst their portability make them the ideal option for homeowners looking to relocate in the future without leaving their garden storage behind. You can also of course choose to rent a storage shed at a local facility if you don’t want to bother taking up any space on your own property. 5. Security With strong and secure construction, and tough locking systems, storage sheds provide a safe home for an owner’s belongings. The precise locking mechanism of storage sheds can vary between models, with options including those with handle operated keyed locks and those with bolts with padlocks. Certain units also allow their base to be screwed into the ground for extra security. The array of different security possibilities within the range of storage sheds means that there is bound to be an option available to meet every homeowner’s needs. And if you are renting a unit at a nearby facility, they will often have on-site security as well as CCTV and other security measures in place. It can be difficult to know how to add that much-needed storage space to a home, but storage sheds offer an affordable, and versatile, option for those looking for that little bit of extra...

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How to Use Self-Storage for Online Used Clothing Businesses

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When you first got started in the used clothing business, you probably started small, using well-known auction sites or social media. Over time, as your business grew, you may have found yourself with an increasing amount of inventory. Though you can just toss that inventory into storage-safe boxes with labels and tags to make it easier to find, this may not be the best use of a self-storage unit for your specific needs. Here are some ways you can use your storage unit for your online used clothing business to help the business thrive. Set Up a Studio One of the ways that many online-based used clothing businesses are able to get more customers is by creating a look book. These look books are either photos or a small video of different outfits being modeled. The outfits are then listed piece by piece in the store description. You can create a studio in your storage unit using some simple photography lighting, a backdrop, and a model for the clothes. Take your pictures and then house the completed outfits in ready-to-ship boxes. When they are ordered, simply go into the unit and grab the box for shipment. Shipment Station If you have a large number of outfits, hanging them may be the first option. The problem with this is that you may not have the space in your unit. Instead, you can pack boxes as ready-to-ship options. Place a picture of the outfit on the outside of the box and seal the box with a few silica packs to absorb any moisture from humidity. As previously mentioned in the studio method, just grab the box when it sells and add the shipping information. This helps you stay organized and makes shipping faster for your customers. Clearance Storefront Though most self-storage businesses will not allow you to use your unit as an on-going storefront, you can do one-day sales in most cases. You can set up the inventory you want to get rid of quickly to make room for new inventory by advertising on local social media sites. Open your unit for a one-day sale and allow local customers to come look at the items and buy them on the spot. This clears out your inventory and it allows you to get new customers who may not have heard of your business before. Remember, that each of these methods allows you to expand to new customers through social media and even face-to-face contact. Take that chance to push future sales of your items and to get reviews of your business and your clothing. This will increase your business, and maybe you will even have to look at stepping up to a larger unit as your business...

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Climate-Controlled Storage? What To Consider

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There are various reasons why a food service establishment (e.g. a restaurant) may choose to store fruits and/or vegetables in an off-site commercial storage facility. The top among the list of these reasons is the fact that fruits and vegetables need climate-controlled storage and the cost of operating one such facility on-site is an additional expense. There are various factors that a restaurant owner would need to consider when looking to invest in climate-controlled commercial storage. Discussed in this article are two among the various factors. Temperature Zoning It’s highly probable that you will want to store more than one type of fruit/vegetable within a chosen facility. The different types of fruits and/or vegetables might need to be preserved at different temperatures if they’re to remain fresh. For this reason, restaurant owners may need to check that their preferred climate-controlled facility offers temperature zoning. This refers to the creation of different temperature “zones” within the climate-controlled unit. Zones are created through the installation of internal partitions within the larger storage unit. The temperature setting in each zone is controlled using a different thermostat. Thus, fruits and/or vegetables that need to be preserved at different temperatures (that are widely apart) can be stored within the same climate-controlled unit. Humidity Control In a large number of cases, climate-control is mistaken to mean “temperature regulation” within a commercial storage facility. Storage facilities will often use air conditioning systems to achieve “climate control” within the storage facility. But temperature extremes are not the only “climatic threat” to fruits and vegetables stored in a third party storage facility. Because the thermostat in an air condition unit is primarily designed to sense and record temperature, AC units don’t have much to offer in terms of humidity control. In order to effectively control humidity levels within the storage unit, storage facilities need to invest in humidity sensors for each AC thermostat that is used for climate control. Alternatively, storage facilities can invest in an independent hygrometer for humidity control within the system. Heat pumps may also be used for mechanical dehumidification of within the storage facility. Before you settle for one climate-controlled storage facility over the others, be sure to ask what measures the facility has in place with respect to humidity control. Climate-controlled storage is often not cheap. However, it is a necessary expense for restaurant owners who value the freshness of the fruits and vegetables that they serve. The considerations discussed above can help you get the most out of your investment in climate-controlled...

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5 Tips On How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For A Removal Process

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If you’re moving, it goes without saying that your car has to follow you to your destination as well. In the same way your furniture needs to be prepared for the removal, your car too needs a bit of preparation before you can have it transported to another state or shipped abroad. Below, find out about a few things that you should do as you get ready to have your removalist take your car to your new home. Have the car cleaned Having your car cleaned, especially on the inside, ensures that your car is in a decent condition when you get it on the other side. If your car is dirty before the removal process, it will be in an even worse condition by the time you receive it. Just think of the several days it will be in transit. Besides, delays can happen; your car might be delayed at customs, in storage or you might be late to pick it up. A simple trip to the car wash will ensure your car is fresh when you get it on the other end. Record the condition of the car A little precaution never hurts as well. Although your removalist will take the best care possible when handling your car, remember that accidents can happen. Record the condition of your car, either via a few photos or a quick video. This will ensure that you are able to tell if your car has a few dings or scratches that were not there when you have it delivered to you. Take any valuables out of the car Sweep the car and remove any valuables that you may have stored inside. This includes items like your laptop, camera, money, documents, etc. Doing so has two benefits. One, it ensures that these items remain under your care. Two, you may need these things once your car is on the move. Taking them out of the car beforehand ensures that you do not forget to do so later on. Get valid insurance covers for the transit period Get a valid insurance cover for your vehicle, if expired. Your removalist may need to drive the car into or out of storage during the removal process. If your car doesn’t have an up-to-date insurance cover, handling the car will be dangerous for you, anyone using the vehicle and anyone nearby; again, remember that accidents can happen at any time. Also make sure to get transit insurance for the vehicle, either from your removalist or from an insurance company. Provide a copy of the car key to the removalist Again, to ensure that your removalist is able to do their job fully, provide them with a copy of the car key before leaving or when the car is collected. This will ensure that your removalist is able to operate the car when loading it into the trailer, when unloading, when putting it into storage, etc. Remember that you can also have your car put into storage if you so wish. This is handy if you need to settle in first or if you’ll not be relocating...

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Understanding the Furniture Removalist Process

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If you are intending to move your furniture, you need to ensure that the process is carried out properly. Lack of proper care may lead to heavy losses or injuries. If you are only moving small household furniture, you can easily do the task yourself. However, if large pieces of furniture are involved, it is best to rely on a professional. There are many such experts in Australia that can help you with the removal. Nevertheless, you need to know the process involved in furniture removal. Moving and Storage The first step before a furniture removalist comes in is to decide on where the items are to be taken. If you are moving them to another location that you have already prepared, then transportation from your current site to the new one is all that is needed. However, if you need the furniture stored for some time before you can figure out the next step, you should consider a company that can offer those services. For the best convenience, a company that offers both moving and storage services is the best option. Quotation Once you have decided on what you want to do with your furniture, the next step is to find the company that can help you. It is important to get quotations from several companies so that you find the one that is the best fit. Such a company should provide value for money so that at the end of the process you do not feel like you were overcharged. Due to the advent of internet technology, it is possible to get quotations online. You can then compare the various quotations and select the one you like. Packing Once you have decided on the company to work with and the services you need, the next step is packing the furniture. This helps to protect it from damage so that there are no losses during the removal process. Removal After the packing has been done, the next step is the removal. Experts come in handy in instances such as if you live in a high rise building. They have access to the equipment and know-how to carry out such tasks. The furniture removalists in Australia know how to position the items when moving them so that there is no damage. The removed items are then taken to the trucks for transportation to either the storage or your new location. Here, the professionals unpack the furniture again according to your specifications. This marks the end of the...

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What to Look for in a Self Storage Unit

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Having a self storage facility that can keep your things safe when you are moving out or when you need storage before renting a new place is very essential. Choosing a reputed self storage facility for rental services is just the first step to ensuring the safety of your things. Then next big task is to choose a storage unit that will meet your storage needs. Self storage units come in various sizes, styles and features. It is important to know some of the important things you need to consider when deciding on the best storage unit. Some of these factors include the following: What are you storing? Self storage units are found in a range of sizes and designs; therefore, you can easily get the kind of unit you need in the right size. You need to make a list of all the things you want to have stored. These could be appliances, boxes, furniture, paperwork, antiques or even automobiles. Having an idea of the amount of storage space you need should help narrow down your search. Do you need a climate controlled unit? Climate controlled self storage units are designed to maintain the temperature within a certain set range, and they also control the humidity of the space. The climatic condition of the location where you are storing your items could determine the need for a climate controlled unit. In humid areas, it could get moldy leading to damage of things like paperwork. In dry and hot climates, some valuables like antiques could crack or split. Having a climate controlled unit will help avoid such scenarios. Size of storage unit You need to make sure you get a storage unit of the right size; otherwise, you will end up with a unit that’s not suitable for your needs or one which is costly. In both cases, this is not going to be right for your needs or budget. Make sure you get an accurate idea of the storage unit you are looking for. You can have the self storage facility personnel help you with choosing the right size depending on the things you want to be stored. Security of storage units Choose a facility that has in place decent security measures for the storage units. Security measures should include fencing, limited and monitored access to the units, high-security locks, cameras and surveillance and even security personnel. Facilities should also offer insurance packages in case of damage or theft of goods while in storage. Facility’s location A facility that is located at the city center will cost more compared to one which is located out of town. If you need to regularly access the facility, you need to ensure you get one which is easily accessible. You don’t want to choose a cheaper facility out of town but end up spending even more for gas when driving there. Choose wisely; affordable and accessible. Once you have all these factors figured out, you can set out to getting self storage services. It is good to check the facility’s access policy such as 24-hour access or in case you may need to have another person access your unit. Choosing the right self storage facility and unit will give you a peace of mind throughout the rental period. Contact a company...

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4 Maintenance Checks to Ensure the Safety and Reliability of a Cool Room

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Any commercial cool room depends on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that not only food stay fresh and safe to eat, running costs and future repairs are minimised. Here are some quick checks for food distribution business as well as restaurants and cafes can implement to ensure the reliable operation of their cool room. 1. Inspect Door Gaskets & Keep Clean Also known as rubber seals, these are essential for keeping cool air from escaping. It is normal for some condensation to form around seals, especially during warmer weather, but to keep energy costs in the business down always close the door when inside the cool room. Be sure to also inspect door seals regularly to ensure they are free from cracks and mould. If door seals have become brittle or buckled at the corners, the cool room could be leaking cold air and causing a higher than necessary refrigeration bill and gaskets may need to be replaced. To avoid mould growth, regularly wipe seals with soft warm water. 2. Flush Drain Lines The evaporator component of a refrigeration system transfers any warm air to the condenser coils to be cooled, and in the process creates condensation. This condensation may not be able to drain effectively if the evaporator drain has become blocked. Whether it’s food, dirt or other deposits causing the blockage, excess moisture in a cool room can quickly contribute to mould growth. It’s important to regularly flush drain lines by scooping deposits from the drain and flushing it with a jug of boiling water to dislodge any stubborn particles. 3. Bacteria and Mould Checks Potentially deadly bacteria such as listeria pathogens have been found in cool room drip trays and condensate outlet pipes. Because of this, it’s important any business handling foods inspects for mould and mildew growth regularly. Once a week cool room panels should be wiped down with an antibacterial spray and a clean microfiber cloth. Sachets can also be installed inside the cool room and emit a vapour to target airborne and surface bacteria. 4. Fan and Condenser Fin Cleaning The cool room condenser over time collect dirt and dust which can affect the ability of the fan to transfer cool air effectively. Dirty condenser fins in the cool room can also place undue stress on the condenser coils and limit airflow affecting the shelf life of food. When fins become dirty or dusty, it’s time to wipe them with a damp cloth and soapy warm water. A handheld vacuum cleaner may also be able to remove built up debris blocking the condenser fins. If you’ve implemented these quick maintenance checks and any of the above problems persist, it’s time to call a commercial refrigeration specialist like A.B.C. Refrigeration Services to carry out urgent maintenance and repairs. When the health of your customers is at stake, failure to do so could mean risking the ongoing operation of your...

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3 Interesting Uses for Self-Storage Units

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A self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone, and for some very surprising reasons. These units can actually help you to get organized in the home and to keep certain items securely away from family and especially children. If you’ve never thought about having a self-storage unit at your disposal, you might want to think about some uses they might offer you. 1. As a workspace If you’re a contractor, you may not have room in your garage to work on things you’re repairing or building, and a self-storage unit can actually function as a separate workspace. Since many have a simple cement floor and metal walls, you don’t need to worry about dripping grease or other fluids on the floor. A self-storage unit can often accommodate a workbench, and many come with electrical outlets for your tools. On sunny days you can even keep the door open for added comfort. You can also utilise this space if you need to work on your own car or boat motor, so you can easily spread out the parts and everything else involved and not worry about anything getting lost. Using a self-storage unit as a workspace can also mean safely storing tools. You may not want to keep sharp tools, flammable liquids, and items like these in your own garage. Even painters may not want to keep anything with fumes in their own home, so storing all these in a self-storage unit can ensure they’re protected while keeping your own family safe as well. 2. For added security While many self-storage units are simple and somewhat industrial, many also offer high-tech features that you may be missing in your own home, and which can keep items more secure. For example, they may have 24-hour video monitoring and a security guard on staff after hours. If you have an expensive sports car, boat, trailer, or other item that you’re concerned about storing in your own garage or keeping outside under a carport where it’s not secure at all, a self-storage unit can be a good solution. 3. Making a move easier When you’re ready to move, you might rent a self-storage unit and start packing up unused items right away, and then storing them until you’re settled in your new home. This keeps you from having to trip over boxes while waiting for moving day, and can also help you to get organised. You can take your time to go through your items, toss out or donate what you don’t want to take with you, and then store other boxes and containers for as long as needed to make your move easier on you overall. Learn more about how you can use a storage unit by contacting companies like Allsafe Self Storage...

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Self Storage Facilities for Businesses: 3 Tips & Tricks for Storing Important Documents and Records

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For tax purposes, businesses in Australia must keep employee and contractor records in either paper or electronic format for a minimum of 5 years. To conserve space, consider organizing and storing all of the records in self-storage facilities where they can be easily accessed at a moment’s notice. Here are 3 tips and tricks to follow to protect the records. Store All Paperwork in Locked and Airtight Containers You need to protect all paperwork and records from not only environmental damage but also from burglars and thieves, as the records contain private and confidential information that can lead to identity theft. Store all paperwork in locked containers. If the records are kept in an electronic format, consider encrypting all files. Also, airtight containers will prevent humid climates from destroying both paper documents and electronic devices. You should consider making several copies that are stored separately for added protection. Raise Packed Boxes Off the Ground with Wooden or Plastic Pallets In the event that plumbing of the self-storage facilities burst and flooding ensues, making sure that all of the packed boxes and containers are kept off of the ground with wooden or plastic pallets can be quite beneficial. Raised pallets prevent mildew and water damage, and can also prevent pests from getting into the containers as well. If you can’t find any wooden pallets around, you can simply use any wooden planks or other materials that you have lying around.   Find Self-storage Facilities with Climate Control Features Paper documents, in particular, can be easily destroyed by humidity. Self-storage facilities that do not possess climate control features cannot maintain a steady climate. As a result, the fluctuating humidity levels tend to cause moisture to cling onto the inner walls and floors. The humidity in the air may even seep into the documents and cause them to deteriorate in a quicker manner. Self-storage facilities with climate control features control not only humidity levels within the unit, but also the overall temperature. You should aim to keep the self-storage units at a temperature between 13 and 19 degrees Celsius with a relative humidity between 45 and 60%. Make sure that the self-storage facilities are well protected and have sufficient security systems installed to protect your records and documents from getting stolen. Self-storage facilities can be a great asset to your business by keeping important documents in a protected environment and by freeing up valuable space in your office or retail establishment. For a better idea of your options contact storage facilities like Surfers Paradise Self...

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